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Systems Evaluation Theory: Practice & Implementation

Image by Chris Montgomery


Below you will find course materials for the Australian Evaluation Society (AES) workshop hosted by Dr. Ralph Renger, Lewis Atkinson and Brian Keogh Wednesday November 17th and 24th 2021. 10.00am to 1:00pm AEDT. Held online via Zoom. 




What did you like about the workshop?

"The engaging style of the presenters. Very open, honest and respectful of all. Introduction of some tricky concepts was done brilliantly through visuals and examples. The use of Mentimeter was also great."

"The openness with which the presenters ran the workshop - that sense that we are all learning. Creating order and structure around something that is complex - we can work through it."

"Interaction between presenters which enabled participants to engage remotely & benefit from (great) shared experience. Combination of good understanding of concepts and ability to communicate - everything was well prepared and presenters adjusted timing to ensure people were learning; materials set to create engagement."

"Great intro to the topic. Having multiple presenters give different case studies - great to see different thinking AND to have tangible examples."

"The knowledge of the speakers and the presentation material was easy to follow."

"Good introduction to systems theory that is relevant to almost every evaluation I've worked on, even if it's not evaluating a system."

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