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Minneapolis, MN

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Below you will find course materials for the American Evaluation Association (AEA) workshop hosted by Dr. Ralph Renger and Jessica Renger on Wednesday November 13th, 2019

Course Powerpoint Slides

Renger, R., Bartel, G., & Foltysova, J. (2013). The reciprocal relationship between implementation theory and program theory in assisting program design and decision-making. The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 28(1), 27.

Renger, R., Foltysova, J., Becker, K. L., & Souvannasacd, E. (2015). The power of the context map: Designing realistic outcome evaluation strategies and other unanticipated benefits. Evaluation and program planning, 52, 118-125.

Renger, R., Renger, J., Donaldson, S., Foltysova, J., Hart, G. & Hawkins, A. (2019). Evaluating a cardiac care system: Comparing and contrasting a program versus system evaluation approach. The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation (in press). 

AEA (2018).  Principles for effective use of systems thinking in evaluation.  Systems in Evaluation TIG. September.

Renger, R. (2016). Illustrating the Evaluation of System Feedback Mechanisms using System Evaluation Theory (SET).  Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 16 (4), 15-21.

Renger, R., Foltysova, J., Ienuso, S., Renger, J., & Booze, W. (2017).   Evaluating system cascading failures.  Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 17 (2), 29-36.

Renger, R., Foltysova, J., Renger, J., & Booze, W. (2017). Defining systems to evaluate system efficiency and effectiveness.  Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 17 (3), 4-13.

Renger, R., McPherson, M., Kontz-Bartels, T., & Becker, K.  (2016) Process flow mapping for systems improvement:  Lessons learned.  The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 31, 109-121.

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