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The JUST Evaluation Services Family


Our three generations of evaluators can customize an evaluation plan to meet your program and/or system evaluation needs.  Jessica Renger is a PhD student in evaluation and an adjunct professor at Claremont Graduate University, the premier institution for advanced evaluation studies in the United States.  This allows JESS to remain current with the newest evaluation methods and approaches. Jirina “Kitka” Renger, DrPH is a core faculty at Walden University where she supervises faculty teaching advanced evaluation course and supervises graduate students with an evaluation emphasis. Her experience is especially helpful in building organizational evaluation capacity. Ralph Renger, PhD taught program evaluation for 17 years at the University of Arizona and 5 years at the University of North Dakota.  Our entire evaluation family has experience evaluating grants for non-profits, foundations, city, state, and federal governments ensuring JESS can meet your evaluation needs.



With over two decades of evaluation experience Ralph specializes in solving evaluation problems. He is known for advancing evaluation methods, such as mainstreaming logic modeling through the three step approach (Renger & Titcomb, 2002), designing tools for when clients may have forgot about evaluation until then end, and adapting methods for making program improvements. More recently he published the first System Evaluation Theory (SET) representing a breakthrough in developing evaluation methods that better capture the reality in which the organizations work. He is also a FEMA certified Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP).



Jirina is a graduate from University of Arizona, College of Public Health.  She currently serves as a core faculty member in the DrPH and Ph.D. Public Health programs in the College of Health Sciences at Walden University and has served in this role since April 2014.  In addition to her academic background in sociology, social work, social politics, and public health, she has extensive experience with evaluation projects, conducted in the United States, the Czech Republic, Peru and Kosovo.  Her area of specialization is theory-driven evaluation and program theory reconstruction. She co-authored several peer-reviewed articles on evaluation theory and is a member of several professional associations.




Jessica Renger is an internal evaluator for Kaiser Permanente, as well as a PhD candidate and Adjunct Professor in the Evaluation and Applied Research Methods program at Claremont Graduate University. She has extensive evaluation experience working on projects nationally and internationally in the health, education, and leadership sectors. She specializes in theory driven program evaluation, effective interpersonal communication, and health promotion.

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